Why you want a Chauffeur…. not just a Driver

When you’re looking for a black car service or a limo in Charlotte, NC we have your needs met.  You might want to hire a limo for a night out, to take you to and from the airport, or just to avoid the need to drive during an event. Our Charlotte limo services are here for all three, and our chauffeurs prove time and time again the importance of customer service. Our company offers you one of the best car services in Charlotte. Don’t settle for a company that only offers drivers. Call us, because we only employ chauffeurs. If you’re not sure what the difference is, let us explain.

Chauffeurs are Local Guides.

Do you want to know where to go for dinner or what places to avoid? Do you want to know which hotel has the best rooms and which local mom-and-pop restaurant serves the best breakfast?  We’ll take the scenic route if you request it, we can even make stops for you to take photos and enjoy the view, our staff knows the city when it comes to guiding you through Charlotte.

Chauffeurs Have Proper Licensing

Drivers have licenses. Chauffeurs also have training. A chauffeur is trained on how to keep you safe. Your comfort and safety are our number one priority.  Our drivers are drug tested and have complete driver and criminal background checks. Unlike many ride sharing companies of the day our drivers are also certified by the PVH Department of the City of Charlotte.

Chauffeurs Go the Distance for You

Our chauffeurs ensure that our luxurious vehicles are clean when we come to pick you up.  If meeting at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport they will greet you in the baggage claim area and help you with your luggage whenever it is necessary. They will always be courteous and professional and able to offer you any advice on our beautiful city.

Chauffeurs are Discreet

We know the sensitivity of your business.  We also won’t make repeated calls to alert you of our arrival.  Our team of professional chauffeurs alerts our customers we’ve arrived via SMS. We want you to know we’re present and ready, but we don’t want you interrupted by us at any point.

Chauffeurs Value Safety and Comfort. Our number one priority is keeping you safe and comfortable.

Call us to book your ride today.