Payment and Billing

United Limousine requires the use of a major credit card for all reservations, a request is not considered “booked” till a form of payment is on file.  Credit card authorization is obtained 24-48 hours prior to pick up time.  As ALL CHARGES are Pre-Authorized, drivers will not collect charges in cash.  You may tip the driver in person.  A quote is not considered a booking.      

We accept:  Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and DinersClub


If a customer fails to show at the designated pick up location 40 minutes past the scheduled pick up time, and has not contacted us, the client is considered a “NO SHOW”.  A “NO SHOW” fee equal to the cost of the trip, plus the appropriate vehicle gratuity, applicable waiting time, and all other out of pocket costs will be charged to the customer.

Cancellations are accepted by phone only. Cancellations of any vehicle type less than four (4) hours prior to scheduled pick-up, will result in a cancellation fee equal to the full price of the trip fare plus any applicable fees incurred, parking, wait time, etc.  Prom, Wedding, and other “SPECIAL EVENTS” car service is subject to an events cancellation policy.  Please call for details.

Airport Arrival Transfer Wait Time
United Limousine provides up to 15 minutes of free wait time on each Airport Arrival Transfer for you to deplane and pick-up your luggage. If you do not meet your Driver or call us within 40 minutes of your plane landing we will consider you a “no-show” and you will be charged in full for the reservation.  If a customer cannot locate the driver for United Limousine, we must be contacted to avoid being charged for a “NO SHOW”.

No Show Clients

Late Night / Red Eye trips

Trips scheduled (12:00 AM to 5:00AM) are subject to an additional “Red Eye” charge.

Rate Changes

United Limousine reserves the right to change rates at any time without prior notice.

Additional Fees

Client will be billed for out of pocket expenses (If applicable) including, but not limited to: road tolls, event parking, airport fees, and airport luggage carts.  Some Fees possible are:  RED EYE: $25.00 / CHILD CAR SEAT: $25.00

Cleaning Fees or Damages

$250.00 minimum per incident fee.

Cleaning fees will be applied if our vehicle is biologically contaminated by any bodily fluid.  Cleaning fees may vary from $100.00 to more than $5,000 dependent on the level and location of contamination.  Deliberate damage to the vehicle interior or exterior of any vehicle will be charged at the cost of restoration, plus a 50% service fee.  Clients are responsible for their guests, for any damage to the vehicle, and equipment of the vehicle.

Surface Transportation Charge (STC)

A 5% fee known as Surface Transportation Charge (STC) for miscellaneous licensing, insurance and administrative expense calculated on the base fare, stop charges and wait time, will be added to your bill.

Arrival Time

United and its chauffeurs always prepare in advance to avoid unnecessary delays in arrival time.  However road, traffic and weather conditions are often times beyond the reasonable control of the company and the chauffeur.  No refunds can be given as a result of late arrivals due to such conditions or other occurrences out of the reasonable control of the company or chauffeur.

Private/Charter Flight Monitoring: Due to the lack of timely and accurate information, United Limousine does not monitor private charter airline flights; therefore, wait time will be charged as incurred for any passenger arriving on a private charter plane that is delayed by more than 15 minutes.


Illegal Substance Abuse Policy

No possession, sale, and/or consumption of any type of narcotics or illegal drugs is permitted in any vehicle.  Violation will result in immediate termination of contract, services, and forfeiture of all paid deposits and fees of service.

United Limousine cannot and will not provide any alcoholic substance.  It is legally acceptable to consume alcohol in a limousine with a partition so as long as all persons in the vehicle are of the legal drinking age.  United reserves the right to refuse to transport persons under the influence of or in possession of illegal drugs, as well as those excessively intoxicated, in the possession of dangerous substances of any kind, or who are, or are likely to become objectionable to other persons or if the chauffeur feels threatened in any way. Under no circumstances are minors allowed to consume or possess alcohol or illegal substances while in a company vehicle. Client shall not interfere with the chauffeur in the discharge of his/her duty or tamper with any apparatus or appliance on the vehicle. In such instances, services will be terminated immediately and no refunds will be offered.


All vehicles quoted are subject to availability at the time of booking.  Rates are subject to change without notice.  A deposit of 20% of the total amount is required at the time of booking.  The balance is due at the time of service.

Lost Articles

United Limousine does not take any responsibility for any items left in our vehicles during or after the completion of rental period.  A sincere effort is made to return all lost articles to the client. United Limousine reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for returning lost items if found. The rate will be equal to the rate of an Airport Transfer to your location plus 20% driver gratuity and any applicable fuel fees and tolls.

Vehicle Request Policy

United Limousine reserves the right to upgrade or change a vehicle request to accommodate a client’s reservation at no charge to the client if deemed necessary.

One Transfer (CLT AIRPORT) And Multiple Flights

We see this from time to time.  A client wishes to book a vehicle to pick up from the CLT Airport, but they are on one flight and they are meeting a party that is coming in on another flight.  In this case we have an automatic 2 Hour Minimum for the vehicle.  This is simply due to the nature of how airlines and flights operate in 2021.  There are so many delays and changes in flight schedules that one may land early and the second may land late.  Our vehicle and driver are committed to the wait time in this case and as such the we have a 2 Hour Hour Minimum.

Vehicle Capacity

Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity.  Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by at least one adult.


United Limousine may use affiliates, at its own discretion, locally and nationally. The same quality is guaranteed.

Uncontrollable Acts, Acts of God and/or Acts of Mother Nature

United Limousine is not responsible for acts of God, acts of Mother Nature and or circumstances that are beyond our control including, but not limited to traffic congestion, road closures, accidents, flight delays, weather delays, or road closures.  United Limousine is not responsible for delays or the termination of a reservation in Winter caused by unsafe road conditions / or unsafe conditions due to extreme weather ie. Storms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes…. 

Termination of Contract

United Limousine reserves the right to terminate any reservation without refund, if the Operator or the Service Dispatcher on duty feels that the Renter and or Party of the Renter is putting the Operator or the mode of transportation or the Renter and / or Party of the Renter in danger of injury. Additionally, if the Renter and / or Party of the Renter are in the possession of any illegal material and / or illegal substances, this service will be terminated immediately and charged at the full amount of the reservation. This is without exception.

Special Events & Peak Demand Rental Times

Special events and peak demand periods both locally and in other markets may dictate premium pricing, higher hourly minimums and in some cases multi-day minimums, additional notice for changes and cancellations.  Vehicles are generally in more limited supply for the higher demand and often times supplemental vehicles are required to accommodate this demand.

Staff Accommodations

On occasions that require overnight travel for chauffeurs, onsite coordinators or other client-dedicated staff, lodging and meals should be arranged and provided for by the client.  A per diem may be applied in addition to lodging expense.

Privacy Policy

United Limousine and its affiliates do not sell or rent your personal or financial information to any outside third parties.  We are PCI Compliant and all reservations and billing is conducted via LimoAnywhere Software System.  We reserve the right to use the information supplied to provide requested services and collect payment for services rendered in accordance with our rates and policies.