Finding the right Charlotte car service.

To the average person, it may appear that all car service companies are pretty much equal.  The standard thought process is – pick me up, take me where I want to go, drop me off, and charge me decent price.  Seems simple.  While this may all be so, sometimes you can’t count on it to go as easily.

Punctuality is crucial.  The main reason for hiring a sedan service in the first place is that the vehicle is waiting on you, not the other way around.  You should never be rushed.  Generally, the Town Car service arrives on site 15 minutes prior to your pick up time.

Other things to consider.

Fleet Quality.

All vehicles need to be clean and in top working order.  The vehicles should be late model, which is usually defined as less than 5 years old and with relatively low mileage.  You will want to avoid the one or two car operators.  You need to go with an established company that has depth in their fleet and can handle any situation that arises.  There are a lot of companies that boost large fleet size these days.  After all, the internet makes people who they want to be, and its easy to be big behind a keyboard.  Another issue is that there are some operators who post pictures of extravagant vehicles and stretch limousines that they don’t even have. Those vehicles may not even be from the same city, much less the operator.  Seeing a pictures of a limousine with palm trees in the background?  That maybe not Charlotte, NC. 🙂


Will the car service answer when you call, when you need them?  Long hold times are never fun either.  The last thing you want is to be placed on hold, while waiting for your car to arrive.  The company needs to be there when you need them.  In the event of an issue with your trip you want to be able to speak with someone who can resolve the issue quickly and who knows the system.


Some companies will hire just about anyone off the street and let them drive their vehicles.  No training and no prior experience.  Anyone can be a “driver”.  It takes a person with dedication to be a chauffeur.

Insurance and Permits.

Limousine operators in Charlotte need to have a “For Hire” tag, which begins with a “Z”.  Taxi tags start with a TA.  South Carolina operator tags start with a “LS”.  The required insurance is 1.5 million.  The Charlotte Airport insurance is separate and additional.