The best tool ever has to be knowledge.

So, to try to inform people, we are going to spread insight about some basics on limousine services.

Tempting as it is to go with the low price leader when renting a limousine, please think about these scenarios.

For Instance: Prom season is here, instead of asking yourself about how much you are going to save with company “A”, please ask yourself: “Do I really want my kids to be riding around for 6 hours in a limousine that is not properly insured or permitted? Or with a driver that the same can go for?

Airport Transportation: “My flight is at 7:30 AM, will the car service I call really be here at 5:45 AM?

Wedding Transportation: This one has become over used. We all have heard horror stories about ruined weddings.

The truth is that “transportation” is one of the things few people think about till it fails to show up, or something goes wrong. Reality truly sets when you realize that your important event hinges on one thing: you being there to begin with.

We will follow up this post with what it takes to properly operate a limousine / car services in charlotte, NC.

Please stay tuned.