As a locally owned small business and Charlotte, NC car service that intimately and personally serves many clients daily, we are especially vigilant about measures that can help protect the health and safety of our employees and passengers. United Limousine Charlotte has implemented the following measures:

  • Conduct a thorough cleaning of vehicle interior and exterior surfaces and touch points with anti-viral and anti-microbial disinfectant products (approved by the CDC) before and after each ride.  The passenger areas of our vehicles are cleaned with disinfectant wipes before and after each trip using CDC recommended cleaning agents.
  • Remove all printed and reading materials from seat back pockets
  • Cease offering any refreshments, that are not individually packaged and sealed, unless specifically requested by the client, and immediately remove using a paper towel or gloves such refreshments after the ride is completed
  • Limit all physical contact or materials sharing between chauffeurs and clients where possible
  • Chauffeurs wear masks and gloves
  • Clean and disinfect all working areas daily
  • Encourage all staff to see a doctor immediately if they feel unwell and do not allow sick employees to report to work
  • Social distancing can be accommodated at the client’s request

Taking these general precautions and the specific sanitation & disinfections protocols detailed will help maintain the healthiest and safest environment possible for clients and our employees.